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about tree wave

Paul Slocum, known as Tree Wave, makes lush, noisy pop music and video using 1980s videogame equipment and computers running Paul's own software. Tree Wave frequently collaborates with other musicians and vocalists.

Tree Wave performs regularly in New York and Europe and their recordings have received a flood of highly positive reviews. Their videos have been screened at galleries and festivals in New York, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

Paul is also a sound and video artist who exhibits work internationally and is represented by Dunn and Brown Contemporary in Dallas and VertexList gallery in New York.


selected performances:
Blip Festival 2007 / New York
Deitch Projects gallery / New York
Transitio MX / Mexico City
Futuresonic / Manchester, UK
Le Confort Modern / Pointiers, France
Fluxfactory gallery / New York
README software art festival / Aarhus, Denmark
Ginglick / London
New York Underground Film Festival
Dallas Museum of Art

video screenings/installations:
New Museum of Contemporary Art / New York
Contemporary Arts Museum Houston
Exit Art / New York
Liverpool Biennial
Eyebeam / New York
Cinematexas / Austin

contact info

Paul: cell 214 676 5347

paul's email: (usually the best way to reach us)

Tree Wave
4221 Bryan St. Ste B
Dallas, TX 75204
United States


may banners 192kbps mp3

sleep 192kbps mp3

machines fall apart 192kbps mp3


Sleep video
youtube link

(hacked/deconstructed Atari 2600 game set to music)
youtube link

technical requirements

When I play live I use my own mixer, and my audio output is stereo through two 1/4" outputs. I also require one vocal mic with a stand. I need a sound system with good bass response and at least one stage monitor. Generally, I like the stage mix to be pretty much the same as the main mix. I have my own video projector, screen, and european power converter, but a backup power converter and projector is not a bad thing to have around. We always carry backups of most of our other equipment.

When we're taking an airplane to a show:
I'll need a white wall, screen, or existing projection setup, and a table to put my equipment on. The table should be at least the size that you would need to comfortably set up two standard desktop computers.

press pictures:

TIFF format, 300 DPI, big files:

cabana ep+ front cover

live setup



live atari 2600 projection


paul's resume with tree wave performances, gallery installations, etc.

press: reviews and articles

smaller, more web-friendly pictures

main tree wave website

cabana EP for sale online at: ToneVendor + Darla + Atariage